22. December 2023

World Leagues Forum’s statement on the European Super League ruling

Zurich – 22 December 2023 – The World Leagues Forum Management Board met today to review a preliminary legal analysis of the decision handed down by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on the European Super League case and its implications at a global level.


Ultimately the learnings from the ruling are not so much about the so-called 'European Super League' which is a concept being advanced by only two clubs. Continental Super League concepts are inherently contrary to the model of sport which is based on qualification by sporting merit from national leagues to continental competitions.

Of more particular interest is the Court’s determination of the need for transparent, objective, non-discriminatory and proportionate safeguards given the conflict of interest of international football bodies that act both as regulators and competition organizers.

The leagues have been frustrated by the decisions made by FIFA on the International Match Calendar which have increased the number of international competition matches and prioritized their own competitions to the detriment of national football. We expect that this ruling will lead to FIFA implementing a more structured and transparent process for calendar matters, including reaching agreement with national leagues that provide the foundations for the game worldwide. The WLF is the only organization to represent the interests of leagues and all their clubs, large and small, on a global basis.

We will now undertake a detailed legal review of the ECJ verdict and look forward to working with FIFA and the other global football stakeholders to understand how this ruling can help to improve international football governance and the balance between national and international competitions.

Media contact:
Jerome Perlemuter, General Secretary, World Leagues Forum

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