13. October 2023

World Leagues Forum’s Annual Meeting held in Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw – 13 October 2023 – The World Leagues Forum held its Annual Meeting in Warsaw, Poland, today, hosted by the Polish Professional League, Ekstraklasa.

Warsaw 2023
WLF Annual Meeting - Warsaw, Poland 2023

At the meeting, the WLF adopted the creation of three Committees with FIFPRO as part of the Global Labor Agreement signed last year by the two organizations under the umbrella of the International Labor Organization:

  1. Standing Committee on Health and Fair-Play Pitch Management
  2. Committee on Combatting Discriminatory Incidents in Football Matches
  3. Committee on Workplace Security

The Committees will be composed of both league and player union experts to examine each of the topics and make recommendations on future developments.

The WLF also launched a “WLF Study Group” to analyse the landscape and consequences of multi-club ownership.

Prior to the Annual Meeting, the WLF Board had a comprehensive discussion about the calendar congestion and player workload issues caused by FIFA’s recent decisions on the International Match Calendar. Board members reiterated their concerns about the lack of transparent governance at international level on matters that have an impact on the national competitions that provide the foundations for the game. The WLF will continue to seek a meaningful role in the FIFA decision-making process for the International Match Calendar before any calendar changes are agreed.

Finally, the WLF reiterated its support for the development of women’s national club football by confirming a second Women’s League Annual Meeting in San Diego, USA, hosted by the NWSL at their final match on 12 November.

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